Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Festival

Dad & the fam came in for the fall fest this year. It was great!
Feeding the animals.
 Jamie loved the animals.
 "I ain't lettin those animals eat out of my hand!"
 Grandpa & Piper
 On the hayride
 The Ames' family:O)

 sweet girls
 Us again. :) They make me so happy!
 Piper seeing how fast she can throw.
 They loved the bounce arounds.
 playin games with daddy
 Strong men.....ha!

 We laughed so hard at these mirrors!
 Mrs. Jessica Stovall! My new blogging buddy. :) You did great!
 We went for a walk on the walking trail. Piper had to do it all by herself. She is so independent.
 Showing mommy which way to go.
 Dad & Amy :)
 All of us!
 Going to look at a cave.

 Yep, then Piper had to go.
 This was funny!
Razorbacks, Longhorns, & Sooners.
Definatley going with my dad on this one! :)
Fun day!
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