Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween :)

What a busy, eventful fun wknd!
Here is P after church. She got to get picked up early b/c of a nose bleed :( Oh & of course she was hacking all over the place.

Piper you look so much like your daddy in these pictures I think.

 I got this picture of this adorable little vampire! My nephew :)
 We spent Halloween night eating toquito's, quesadilla's, chips, & cookies :)
& of course watching "Charlie Brown & the Great Pumpkin". What is a halloween without that movie :)

So much went on this wknd. It was great! Boy are we tired!


  1. I think Piper looks a lot like you! :)

  2. aawww! Thanks so much! It changes for me & Beau. Sometimes we think she looks like him & sometimes we think she looks like me. :)

  3. Becky!
    I just started blogging last week, so I am following you! (haha that sounds so creepy) =) i love your blog and I can NOT believe how big Piper is getting, she is so precious.