Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall & Winter

Why I like fall & winter....

  • Football! We LOVE football. It is Beau's most favorite thing. He & his brother Pj are alot alike in this.
  • the weather
  • the leaves changing color & getting to play in the snow (if it snows)
  • hot chocolate
  • Halloween-I love dressing Piper up & taking her to the halloween festival.
  • Fall festival- so much fun!
  • Thanksgiving-time with family & I have SO much to be thankful for
  • Christmas- Piper is at such a fun age & we are going to try & do more things to teach her that Christmas is about Christ.
  • carving pumpkins & caramel apples
  • Holiday food like turkey & stuffing, banana nut bread, & all those yummy desserts allthough I am not a big pie eater. I love candy & cookies, esp candy corn!!
  • decorating for the holidays
  • movies! I love all the charlie brown holiday movies & christmas movies. We LOVE to watch Christmas movies!
  • & of course all my T.V. shows are back on.


  1. I love all those things too! Is the halloween festival on halloween night or another night that weekend?