Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween :)

What a busy, eventful fun wknd!
Here is P after church. She got to get picked up early b/c of a nose bleed :( Oh & of course she was hacking all over the place.

Piper you look so much like your daddy in these pictures I think.

 I got this picture of this adorable little vampire! My nephew :)
 We spent Halloween night eating toquito's, quesadilla's, chips, & cookies :)
& of course watching "Charlie Brown & the Great Pumpkin". What is a halloween without that movie :)

So much went on this wknd. It was great! Boy are we tired!

Autumn Alair Farris

born Thurs. Oct 28, 2010. She weighs 9lbs & 9oz & is 21 1/2 in.
Proud parents: Chad & Jessica
Big sisters: Prairie & Daisy
She is just beautiful!!!!! O my goodness! Those sweet little cheeks & chubby little body! PRECIOUS!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

We can always find a reason... eat junk around here :)

This was one day last week we made some cookies. :) ya know, celebrating Halloween.

 Playing with spider rings.
 Ellery :) She napped while we were doing all this.
 The boys enjoying their cupcakes.
 The girls enjoying their cupcakes. Oh we were celebrating Halloween.....Again..
 This afternoon P & E had a little tea party. Notice the glasses. Mrs. Gina got these for Piper. They are so cute!
 Mommy's girl!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lifegroup Fall Party 2010

We had a fun lifegroup party at Tony & Gina's house. We had a bonfire, ate hotdogs, & fellowshipped. (is that a word???)
I didn't take many pics.
 My husband is a mess. He put a pumpkin in his shirt to look like Jessica.

 Cute kids!
 Some of the guys.
 Poor babies in the car on the way home. WORN OUT!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fun weekend

Mom & MW came to see us this wknd since they had a break from school.
Here are the little munchkins in their new pajamas.
 We went & rode the train. Mimi & Piper.
 Me & MW
 He LOVES trains!
 Playin at the park. It was a beautiful day til it started raining.

 We didn't get to make smores outside so I got creative & made them over the stove.
MW loved it. The boy who LOVES sweets!

 P liked it until she got sticky...
 We had such a big lunch that I gave them this for dinner one night. yogurt, apples, & animal crackers. MW said "this is an awesome dinner."

tagged again

I was tagged again.

1. What is the best gift you've ever gotten?
My salvation for sure

2. What is you favorite board or card game?
I really love board games.....cranium right now I guess. I like to play Yahtzee too.

3. Where in the US do you most want to go?
Hawaii for sure!

4. If you were the President what is the first change you would make or bill you would pass?
put a limit on taxes! & I don't support abbortion or gay marraige so I would love to stop that. No matter how much I protest it there are always going to be all those that support it.

5. If you could bring back one fashion fad, what would it be?
I honestley can't think of one I would bring back....

6. If you could pick another time period to live in, which would it be and why?
Back when they wore the big poofy dresses. Like in westerns. I love those.

7. What hobbies do you have?
blogging, reading, walking, I am always looking for a new craft. & I love cooking desserts. Especially holiday desserts...

8. What is your all time favorite tv show?
Right now it is The Office. I watch it over & over. I watch a lot of Rosanne at night. It is funny although she's got some liberal views. Y&R is up there too. Sorry, couldn't pick just one.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I really love my family!

The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful family!
Can't take these two anywhere.
Yep P told me she had a baby in her belly.
Posing with our mums we planted a few weeks ago.
Washer's anyone??

Dressing up. You are precious P!

Pretending to be at school. Yep more of her huge imagination!

P put this on & said she was the queen!

One day before dance class. Piper loves her dance class so much. We never imagined her liking it so much.

Me & P love us some popcorn! I remember when I used to bite the hard part off & give her the soft part b/c I didn't want her to choke.

When it is bathtime at night Piper has been going crazy! She gets this huge burst of energy & Beau & I can't help but laugh at her. She is the funniest! She dances crazy & sings.

I love you guys so much! My most favorite time is time with my family. You two are the best & are such a huge blessing to me!!! I thank God for you everyday.