Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Your 3rd Birth Day ;D

On Piper's birthday we came back from Antlers monday morning & after we went through the mountains Piper threw her milk up all over the place. Pretty sure she was carsick.
We went to Piper's check up. FYI 3 is not a fun age for dr.'s apt. Not for us anyway.
Height: 36 1/2in- 55%
Weight: 31- 70th%
Healthy girl. I am suprised she is at 55 in height. She seems so tall to me.
On baby it predicts her to be 5"4 at the age of 18. At 2 it predicted her to be 5"9. Big difference. We shall see.
We did the flu mist & it was no fun. After we left we went to chic-fil-a til we got sick of this kid beating up all the other kids & kicked Piper in the chest while his mom just sat there. We were pretty ticked but we were sure to tell him not to kick her. Beau got a little fired up. She got to pick where she wanted to eat for her birthday.

You took a 3 hour nap! I had to wake you up! Antlers seems to do that to you. Happy birthday too Piper from daddy & mommy.
Loves it!

chutes & ladders
books, movies, & clothes

me & P played some chutes & ladders. I think I am reliving my childhood. I use to play this game. Then we played her memory card game & I was very impressed!

She has been busy playing with all her new toys.
Then coloring with daddy! Dora has eaten spaghetti they said. too funny!
Some things I want to remember about Piper:
*You still like to sleep on your belly.
*You talk about doing things on tues or fri or tomorrow or yesterday. It's so funny!
*You sometimes get carsick.
*You can count to 20 well.
*You are very dramatic & you make things worse than what they are.
*You like to argue & you don't like being wrong. You will correct me & your dad.
*You are getting an outgoing personality like your dad instead of having to first warm up to people like you use to like your mom.
*Every morning before you do anything you have to sit on the couch with your milk & watch cartoons.
*You love playing pretend. Your imagination is amazing!
*You have really loved playing with your babies.
*After your baths you go crazy & start dancing naked. I usually have to chase you down to put lotion on you & dress you. It is funny b/c you really have some dance moves.
*I have started memorizing words with you. So far you have owl, sock, shoe, & duck down.
*You ask ALOT of questions. Even things you know, you will ask something over & over.
* When we get in the car you want us to play what you call "the silly song". It is Jaquin Pheonix & Reese Whitherspoons version of Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash's "It Ain't Me Babe." You know the whole song.
*There are days with you when I absolutley want to pull my hair out. You are a very stubborn girl.
*You have a weak stomach like your mommy. You gag easily. Like when I change a diaper. It does get a little easier.
*You love bread!
*You don't like to try new things. You like to stick with what you know you like.
We absolutley love you Piper & wouldn't change one thing about you. You are PERFECT!!


  1. Looks like she got some great gifts! Isn't it so fun that they are old enough to play games now? I have already gotten the boys candyland for Christmas. I think I'm gonna get chutes and ladders too. I love games! :)

  2. I love how you write these little messages to her. It is so cute! One day it will be a wonderul thing for her to look at and know how much she has been loved.