Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuskahoma part 2- Concerts

My dad & his group sang at Tuskahoma. Here they are! 6:4 Him did a great job!
While we were listening to some of the music P & MW were so good. They were clapping & getting into it. So cute!
Piper & grandpa watching Casting Crowns.
My favorite kiddos!
Dad & Amy watching CC.
Casting Crowns! I have seen them before & could watch them 100 more times. They are my abosolute favorite!
I love Melodee's voice!
Mark Hall
We ended up leaving early b/c they got started late & we were so tired. P & MW fell asleep just minutes after we took our seat. I was holding P & Beau was holding MW. They slept through all the loud music. Fun day! Thank you Jesus!

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