Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuskahoma part 1- Rides & fun!

We had the best time at Tuskahoma! It was not as hot as it usually is. It was the most crowded I have ever seen it on a Sunday. There is so much to do there. The rides & concerts are free!
Here are MW & P eating before we started our fun day. We brought sandwhich stuff to save money!
Checking out the big tiger!
Me & MW getting ready to slide down the shark! FUN!
FUN! When Piper decided to go down we came back to get in line & they closed it before we got to go back up. She was very disappointed. She really liked this shark. Of course she thinks all sharks are Bruce.
MW at the park. He went down this slide so many times!
Riding the Carousel. Brit is such a big helper! P said this was her favorite.
Sarah & Jamie on the horses.
This strawberry brought back memories. Before I was married me & these 3 girls rode the bears where you could make it spin. I spun them around so much. Sarah was very little then. I knew they could handle it tho.
We were told our strawberry was spinning the fastest. We had fun on this ride.
In the fun house!
The ladybugs of course. Piper loves this ride but I think she will grow out of it quick.
I loved this mini ferris wheel. It was too cute! They loved it! Everytime it would come downt the guy would scare Piper. He was laughing so hard & Piper was laughing. This was MW favorite ride he said.
Me & MW going across the bridge on one of the fun houses.
Getting off another farris wheel. This picture cracks me up. Like that big cigar in it? I think just about all the workers were smoking while they were running th rides.
Love this picture!
I think Piper really loved this!!
MW too! They were so big on these rides.
Me & Brit!
Brit needed someone to ride big rides with! :)
I was so proud of MW & Piper today. They were SO good. We completley worn them out & they acted great! It was a long, tiring, & very fun day! Had so much fun with dad, Amy, & the girls!!!

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