Monday, September 13, 2010


Saturday we got together with the Green's to watch OU vs. Florida State. Jason went to school at FSU & I just love my sooners. I was really suprised at how good OU looked. We won 47-17! I was nice tho & didn't trash talk.

Here is Piper & her friend Cameron.
Cameron, Keelie, & Piper making a mess & having a fun time!
Me & P showing that our sooners are #1!
"I'm gonna jump on you daddy!"
Piper loves her daddy so much!!
Cheering on her sooners! SO cute! She is so funny when she starts cheering for ou. She jumps & claps & does a kick. She will yell "Boomer! Sooners! OU!" She was playing in her bedroom & I got excited once & yelled "Boomer!" I hear Piper yeeling back, "Sooners!"
Nothing better than a dogpile! HA! Poor Allie on bottom, Cameron, Keelie, & Piper! Funny kids!
So thankful for great friends! It's so neat watching Piper playing with her little friends.
Great day!!!

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