Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fun wknd with Mimi, & MW :)

Mimi, & MW got here thurs night. We have had lots of fun!
Here are P & MW with the turtle we found under one of our brush piles along with another snake. That is 2 snakes in 2 days. The 1st snake was a garter snake & the second a grass snake. Both not poisonus but they are still snakes. I am off to get some more moth balls!
Making some caramel apples.
They were so excited about this. I think MW was more excited about the candy corn.
This was fun & we let the watch (help)

This is something I would NEVER do. We had the mattress in the floor & I let them jump from the coffee table to the mattress. That is so not like me. I let them do it until of course both of them got hurt :)
They loved it tho.
Sat. Beau, Piper, & I went to Marin's birthday party. She is 10 days older than P & they are sweet friends :)
Another trip to the park all wearing caps. Piper was nice & let MW wear her OU hat.
Wagon ride to the park.
played some hide-n-seek there.
MW told P she was bossy, & she told him he was grouchy.
Beau had to take "tickets" for them to ride the rides (slides). They keep pretending they are still at the carnival.

More sweets!!!
ice cream!!!!
Then off with miss sassy too church! Great wknd!
Very thankful for a great wknd!!

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