Thursday, September 2, 2010

A few pics from this week.

Here are a few pictures of the kids this wk....
D,C,P, & E watching TV after lunch & cleaning up.
girls LOVE coloring. :) Sweet Ellie will be with us until next week. We sure have enjoyed having another little girl around!
Sweet J outside, hitting the ball with the bat.
Looking at the cows!
We love playing outside! So glad Hud got to come see us this wk!
We made our own playgrounds today.
One of the hardest things about my job is trying to come up with things to do. I am always trying to find new, fun, educational, just something new.


  1. So fun! You are great at coming up with things to do! I love what the boys bring home. They were very proud of their playgrounds and asked if they could go play on them now! :) The boys didn't say anything about another little girl. Cute name!! :)

  2. You do a great job Becky!! I don't tell you enough how much I appreciate you! I love you and so do my boys!!