Monday, September 6, 2010

Aunt of the Year... what I am NOT! I have lots of post from our Tuskahoma trip. But I have to tell about the horrible experience. After all the fun we had we waited around for the Casting Crowns concert. My dad, Amy, & the girls went to see if they could get some seats. My dad came back to get us b/c he found some but you can't save seats so we had to hurry. Beau was talking with a friend so my dad grabbed a stroller & I grabbed one. We rolled them down. I very quickly got the kids out of the stroller foldeded them up, grapped Piper's hand & headed through the crowd on our row to sit down. I thought my dad had Michael Wayne. He was right behind me. I very frantically said "where is MW!" I look back & see that he never came through & was still at the end of the row. I start to head that way & at that time a security guard snatched him up & took off very quickly towards the stage. This moment I am scared, I yell to the people that I am trying to get through that I have to get my kid. They all move & I sprint to where the security guard is & tap him on the shoulder. Michael Wayne was craying & was just hanging on to this man. It was loud, it was very crowded, & he was so worn out. I said "that is my kid." He asks MW "is this your mom?" I snatched MW & said I am his aunt. I was trying to get to him but you had gotten him before I could. The security guard was very nice tho & I know he was doing his job. I was horrified. I held him so tight & was in tears. I was shaking badly. Thank you Lord for being there. I love that little boy so much & I am so thankful to be his aunt!

Here is MW not much longer after we got back to our seats. Poor baby! He & Piper immediatley fell asleep. I love you sweet boy!

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