Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Your 3rd Birth Day ;D

On Piper's birthday we came back from Antlers monday morning & after we went through the mountains Piper threw her milk up all over the place. Pretty sure she was carsick.
We went to Piper's check up. FYI 3 is not a fun age for dr.'s apt. Not for us anyway.
Height: 36 1/2in- 55%
Weight: 31- 70th%
Healthy girl. I am suprised she is at 55 in height. She seems so tall to me.
On baby it predicts her to be 5"4 at the age of 18. At 2 it predicted her to be 5"9. Big difference. We shall see.
We did the flu mist & it was no fun. After we left we went to chic-fil-a til we got sick of this kid beating up all the other kids & kicked Piper in the chest while his mom just sat there. We were pretty ticked but we were sure to tell him not to kick her. Beau got a little fired up. She got to pick where she wanted to eat for her birthday.

You took a 3 hour nap! I had to wake you up! Antlers seems to do that to you. Happy birthday too Piper from daddy & mommy.
Loves it!

chutes & ladders
books, movies, & clothes

me & P played some chutes & ladders. I think I am reliving my childhood. I use to play this game. Then we played her memory card game & I was very impressed!

She has been busy playing with all her new toys.
Then coloring with daddy! Dora has eaten spaghetti they said. too funny!
Some things I want to remember about Piper:
*You still like to sleep on your belly.
*You talk about doing things on tues or fri or tomorrow or yesterday. It's so funny!
*You sometimes get carsick.
*You can count to 20 well.
*You are very dramatic & you make things worse than what they are.
*You like to argue & you don't like being wrong. You will correct me & your dad.
*You are getting an outgoing personality like your dad instead of having to first warm up to people like you use to like your mom.
*Every morning before you do anything you have to sit on the couch with your milk & watch cartoons.
*You love playing pretend. Your imagination is amazing!
*You have really loved playing with your babies.
*After your baths you go crazy & start dancing naked. I usually have to chase you down to put lotion on you & dress you. It is funny b/c you really have some dance moves.
*I have started memorizing words with you. So far you have owl, sock, shoe, & duck down.
*You ask ALOT of questions. Even things you know, you will ask something over & over.
* When we get in the car you want us to play what you call "the silly song". It is Jaquin Pheonix & Reese Whitherspoons version of Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash's "It Ain't Me Babe." You know the whole song.
*There are days with you when I absolutley want to pull my hair out. You are a very stubborn girl.
*You have a weak stomach like your mommy. You gag easily. Like when I change a diaper. It does get a little easier.
*You love bread!
*You don't like to try new things. You like to stick with what you know you like.
We absolutley love you Piper & wouldn't change one thing about you. You are PERFECT!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Football saturday night

Saturday we watched football over at Hank & uncle Windales. They had some people over & it was fun! Had hot wings & all kinds of snacks.

This is how we watched football. We mostley did this for Beau so we could put the AR game on the small one when the OU game started.
Watching some football.
AR lost but they played great for playing the #1 team. They could have beat them. OU played not so great against an unranked team but we won. 3 & 0 so far. :)
Thanks to Hank & uncle Windale!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Antlers tinkerbell party

We had another party in Antlers with the family. It was great & Piper is spoiled!!!

Love my fam
P & uncle Alex
feeding the fish at g'ma faye's

Tessa, Cody, & Lanee
My papa & g'ma.
watching football
Gavin is so sweet!
Katlin :)
playin a game

4 generations :) 1-g'ma & papa, 2 dad, 3-me & Hank, 4-Piper
Love this picture!!!!
Bren & aunt Liz
Jamie, Piper, Sarah, Britney, Dedo, MW
Precious Rayne & aunt Jane :)
uncle Windale & Daisy. She is adorable!
Yep, started crying as we sang. GGRRRR
happy now that she has cake
aunt Barb & Gav

Presents! Piper got so excited & she got lots of OU stuff. :)

P's OU blanket & pillows from uncle Windale & uncle Hank.
taking care of there babies. ha!
Piper really had a great birthday & we had a great time! So thankful everything went so well & to all who love us. We are extremely blessed!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tinkerbell party with friends

We had a little party to celebrate Piper's upcoming 3rd birthday. We meet with a few of her friends at the church. We were going to go to the park but thanks to the rain we had it at the church. It worked out great though. They are out of order & there is alot but I don't care.

Piper was so excited about putting sprinkles on her cupcakes.
Cheesin' birthday girl :)
Piper, Dean, & Hudson playing with balloons.
Happy birthday to you Piper!
She LOVES this pink ball. Anytime we are at the rock, she asks for this pink ball.



 Mommy & the birthday girl!

Daisy & Prarie
Ashley & sweet baby Ellery :)
Kale, Drew, & Shannon. :)

Jasper :)

I love watching all the kids help!

She got a new bulldog t-shirt, fancy nancy book, outfit, & shoes, lots of coloring stuff, a snow white puzzle, money, playdough, moondough, a tinkerbell flashlight, & pixo's. She loves it all!
My sweet friends!
Jessica, Erin, Shannon, Amanda, Shaina, Ashley, baby Ellery, & me :)
We finally got all the kids!
Piper, Hudson, Cooper, Dean, Drew, Daisy, Prairie, Marin, Hudson, Paul, Carson, & Kale.
I feel very blessed to have all the mommas & kids in my life. I am thankful Piper has such good friends! Love you all!!