Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tiny Dancer

Piper started her very first dance class tonight. I have to tell you I was never for taking dance. Piper LOVES dancing. She is dancing all the time & she can really dance. We heard about SHINING STAR through a friend of mine. It is a christian owned buisness. They dance to christian music too & NO DIRTY DANCING! I cannot stand seeing little ones dancing dirty!
Piper cried at first. She didn't want to stay there. I left her there & Mrs. Veronica said she did great! She said she loved jumping! Piper was happy when I picked her up & she showed me how they flew like a bird & the jumps they did. She liked it :)


  1. So, so cute!! Love the christian dance place too-very cool!

  2. How precious! You are such a great momma!