Thursday, August 5, 2010

Miss Piper

Piper says she wants to play basketball when she gets older. She said I am gonna yell "go baby girl."
Piper absolutley LOVED riding this! We will definatley do it again. She looks like such a big girl!
See the little face she made. :)
Look how good this little ham colors! I am so impressed! She almost stays in the lines in the whole thing. Not even 3 years old yet. About everything she colors is like a rainbow like this. Too funny!

I met my mom to take Piper today so Beau & I could spend our 5th Anniversary wknd together. In the car she was telling me about this slide that was yellow but when it got dark it turned blue. I said "hhmm, that's interesting Piper". She said "ya that is interesting." Coming out of her sweet little mouth sounded so cute!
Piper also told me she was going to stay with me forever! That would make me so happy!

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