Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun at the fair 2010

We had alot of fun at the fair. So much fun that Piper was so cranky she got so worn out!

Piper went to every different animal & would say "hi chicken". At the chickens she said "my grandpa has some of these." :)
Hi goat :)
She kept talking about the lady bugs. She remembered them from last year.
As soon as would would get off a ride she would say "I want to ride something else."
Piper on her pink motorcycle. The guy picked this one out just for her.
Some of my old middle school girls. Now in 8th grade rode the alligator with Piper. She was going to ride by herself but they wanted to ride with her :)
Abbey L., Bailey, & Piper :) On the alligator. Piper loved this!
ladybugs again. Just relaxin.
Got my tickets...
P loved the bounce around. She has not liked them that much until now. She LOVED it!
Braden George was in there with her.
So much that she cried when she had to get out.
The lady told her she could come back for free ;)
We have a picture like this of Piper & daddy on the tractor from last year.
There's mommy!
Hot & tired. Had to go by sonic & get a drink....mmmm

See Piper at the fair last year, click here.


  1. Aww..we were there tonight too! Boys had a blast!

  2. awww that is so cool that you have pictures from last year to compare to this year! I love it. I really don't like taking pictures when I am out, but you may make a picture gal out of me yet :P