Monday, July 5, 2010

Vacation to Mississippi

We went a few days to Mississippi to see Beau's brother PJ & his girlfriend Brittany. We stayed with Brittany's dad. We had such a great time.

We missed a turn on the way there & ended up in MS a little sooner than expected. Just more northern Mississippi. We found our way though. (after Beau got directions) These corn fields were our view for a LONG time. We saw lots of crop dusters.
My sleeping sweeties after I took control of the wheel.

Brittany's dad lives in a beautiful neighborhood.

We loved sitting on this beautiful porch! I LOVE THIS PORCH!
All the way to Mississippi (took 8 hours b/c we got lost) Piper stopped to potty 1 time. On the way back (took about 7 hours) she never stopped to go pee. We thought we would be stopping alot b/c of her but we didn't :)
More pics to come. Boy do I have a lot!

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