Tuesday, July 27, 2010

pool break-ins, softball, & family!

We have been spending alot of time in Antlers this summer. We have had so much fun! This wknd Beau, me, Lisa, Shannon, & my brother Hank broke into swimming pools....

Okay, we called it breaking in but if you have a key is that really breaking in??

This picture is from the public pool Friday night.
Sunday evening we got together & played softball. We had SO much fun!

Yep, Beau sweats that much! :)
Me & my aunt Jane! Love her!
Piper & Mimi
What a kool Princess!
Getting ready to swim at aunt Liz's. (by the way this is the 2nd pool we broke into. It was saturday night. Aunt Liz & uncle Bob came back from Paris to find the 5 of us in the pool :) Good times!
Piper hanging on. She does not like to let go in the water. She is more scared now than she was at the begining of the summer. We aren't pressuring her though. She will like it evenutally.

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