Monday, July 5, 2010

Oil Spill

We are back from vacation! Had a great time but always good to be home!

We have been so excited about going to the ocean. Where we were going was one of the only places around here that hadn't been hit by the oil yet. We showed up at Gulfport, MS & you could see how bad the oil was. Thankfully we were taking a ship 11 miles out to Ship Island. The lady told us the oil actually hit there yesterday (the day before we were there). We were so sad. People were swimming & it wasn't that bad yet. We went for it & decided to go. This is some oil that had washed up on shore.
I can tell you when I saw the oil in the water it broke my heart. I was devastated. I just prayed & prayed. The further out we went there wasn't as much oil. Then the water got to be pretty nice. We got to see first hand the effects of the horrible oil spill. It made me realize how bad it really was.
This was a pelican on the island with oil all over it. It was dying. It could hardly walk.
I pray they fix this problem soon.

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  1. That breaks my heart! It makes me so mad too that something like this could happen to something so beautiful that God created. And the oil is still gushing out. Uhh!!