Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Natural Science Museum & Dinner at the lake.

Piper wanted a picture with this shark b/c it looked like Bruce from Finding Nemo.
At the Natural Science Museum.
Piper liked the aquarium.
Checking out the fish.
A horseshoe crab.
Checking out the Mississippi alligators.
P & Daddy
How would you like to come across this? A snake is bad enough but one with 2 heads! CRAZY! It is real & alive. It's a ratsnake.

All of us :)
PJ & Brittany. Love them!!!!
Our family!
Brothers! :)
Me & P after dinner at the Cock of the Walk. At the lake.
David & Cassie (Brit's dad & fiance)
The whole group at the lake after dinner. It was such a great night. Beautiful!
Sweet Brittany!
This pic didn't turn out so well. I love this place. I wanted to take a picture inside but didn't want to look anymore like a dweeb. You eat on tin pie plate looking things & small tin cups. Very cool! You get fried fish or chicken. Awesome fried pickles too & their cornbread was probably my favorite!
Feeding the ducks.

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