Friday, July 16, 2010

My speckled girl

Piper made this face. Pretty impressive we thougt.
Piper ran fever for 2 days then broke out in this rash. It is better now. A few spots but not as bad. The dr. said it was just viral. She has had these spots since monday.
The first night her fever was 102.4 the next it was 101.
Piper dressing herself. I sure hope she doesn't look like this when she gets older.
Last week Piper had a bad dream. She woke up screaming. She said it was a monster. Now she knows if the monster comes back she is going to say "Jesus loves you". This is the conversation we have had everyday since then. I qoute it with her bc I know it so well know.

"mommy monsters aren't real. But bears are real. Those other sharks aren't real (the ones we saw at the science museum) but sharks are real."

Lastnight we got home & Piper walks in the house & says to me "I just love you!"

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  1. Boo for viral infections!! The boys picked out their own clothes today too. And we actually let them wear them to the doctor and to lunch. They were so proud and even though I wanted to explain to everyone we saw that they did indeed pick their own outfits out...I was pretty proud of them too! :)