Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beach part 2

Pelicans....I hope these poor things survive.
Eatin some watermelon on the island.

Piper on the sand. I think she loved the sand the most.
Brit & Beau
Me & Piper, her first time at the ocean.
Daddy & Piper
Beau checking it out.
P LOVED the sand! She got mad after a while though when the sand was on her. She wanted it off.
Here we go! 1st time in the ocean.
Beau got further than anyone. I wouldn't go very far into it.
PJ & Brittany
Daddy showing Piper the big ocean.
I love this picture! They were jumping on waves & were both laughing.
Piper would only go out in the water with her daddy. It was a little rough.
Brittany & PJ
Piper loved playing in the sand & she found some seashells.
Piper's idea. She wanted me to bury her legs.
Beau & PJ playing football.
Took the pic just as he caught it.
Brittany & Piper feeding the seagulls. This was so cute!
Piper loved this!
Feeding the seagulls
"throw it up Piper!"
A crab. I had to zoom in on this b/c everytime we got close it would crawl back in the hole. We saw lots of these clear jellyfish. I think that is one of the reasons I wouldn't go very far in the water.
Me & Piper went looking for seashells.
We had a good talk about the oil. She just kept saying, "mommy the oil is so sad." I'm gonna make the ocean happy."
We had the best time.
We could have stayed here! Love the ocean!
Here are a few dolphins. They look like shark but they were dolphins for sure. This is the best pictures I could get b/c they were SO fast.
Heading back.
Worn out!
We went on a great day b/c it was before the oil got bad & it was not busy at all. I feel so bad for all the people losing buisness b/c of the oil! This day we didn't have problem with oil. Just saw some that had washed upshore in tarballs. There was some in the middle of the island. It was weird.

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