Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July, boat ride, & crazy boat hair!

Watching some soccer outside while we wait to eat some hamburgers.
We ate hamburgers, watermelon, strawberries, baked beans & corn on the cob.
Beau watching soccer, posing for me.
Piper eating her corn on the cob.
Me & Piper on the boat. Piper LOVED LOVED LOVED riding on the boat. She kept saying "mommy we're going fast". She also kept saying "mommy this is fun!"
Beau fell off the tube. Beau & PJ are the only ones that tubed. Let me just tell you that this is connected to a river where they say alligators have been found. We went up that river too. No thank you! I am just fine, inside the boat. They tried to convince me that they stay in the swamp areas & don't go to the middle of this huge lake. I am sure that's true but that's okay.
Piper rode like this for a while. She would just watch the water & we were going fast. We kept bouncing all over. She said "mommy does your bottom hurt." She was just smiling she loved it so much & we stayed on here for hours!
Beau in the middle of the lake on a sand bar. Only about 4 ft. deep.
Look at me!
Piper's hair was crazy! It was so cute!
Beau on the tube. The water was rough!
hangin' on tight.
relaxin on the boat.
Brothers with some crazy hair!
Cassie & David
More wild hair.
Where we waited for the fireworks & watched them from the boat for a while.
Worn out!
This was on the way home in Louisiana. There were alot of these trees in the water. The bottom of them looked like this.
We had such a great trip! So thankful for the time we got to spend with Brittany & Pj. Also her dad & Cassie. Very fun trip!!!

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