Sunday, June 6, 2010

This last week

Had a fun & busy week!

Memorial day wknd we were camping with the family. Lots of fun! We had a lot of our family there & that was great!!
Then saturday we went down the road to see my sisters get baptised. That is awesome! I am so proud of them!
One day while I was in Antlers me & mom decided to take the kids to the park. It was about 10:30 & already so hot. We didn't stay long.
Then we took a road trip with aunt Liz & her grand daughter Zoe to Paris. We ate at my favorite restraunt. TaMollys! MMM!! LOVE IT!
My cousin Ashley invited us to take a bunch of the kids in our family to Detroit, TX to a little zoo. It is actually a church camp but they open it up to show all the animals. That was pretty neat. They had a lot of animals. They had a lion, tigers, a rhino, llamas, camels, kangaroos, bears, & all kinds of other animals. The kids really enjoyed it.
Back to Greenwood.
Piper & Michael taking turns giving each other kisses!
Had a great week with my Oklahoma family. Glad to be back with my husband though :)
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