Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Piper this summer

We have been having a great summer. Not doing alot but seems like we are always gone. I guess we have been pretty busy but when we are home we have lots of fun. Piper, I am so thankful to get to wake up to your sweet face everyday. I am thankful to just get to spend the day with you. I love sleeping in & laying in bed watching cartoons while you drink your milk. You love your milk so much.
(This may be a little long. I have been working on it for about 2 weeks now.)
Piper did these words herself. I had them out & she found them & spelled the words. Piper, dog, go, & mom.
Piper you love to swing & play in your sandbox. You just love it outside.
This is what Piper does alot of! She could stay in this pool all day.

Piper you are so sweet when I put you to bed. You put your head on my shoulder & you always play with my hair. It is absolutley precious! You like your covers completley strait or you will do without. You usually want me to do it b/c daddy doesn't do it right. He is not as anal as we are. Your piggy has to be in the crease between your pillow & bed. Also you still love sleeping on your belly. Shaina & I took Piper & Hudson to see Toy Story 3. It was Hudson's 1st movie. Piper had been not that long ago to see How To Train Your Dragon. They were so cute! Don't tell but Shaina cried. ;) I came close but not quite. It was sad but sweet.
Playing in her panties in the yard.
We have still been practicing writting. Piper loves to do this. She is really into coloring & writing. She is getting pretty good.

MW & P fell asleep on my bed. Piper has gotten to spend lots of time with Mimi & Michael Wayne. She really loves it!
MW went to church with us one day. He really enjoyed it & he & Piper got to be together.
more writting
eating icecream..mmmmm. We love icecream! We have been eating alot of it this summer.
She did this on her own. You can see she did T, i, H, P at the very top that looks more like a lollypop.

mmm popsicles
Love this picture.

June 2, 2010 we were in Dollar Store in Antlers & Piper picks up a toy & says "interesting."

You are so smart! You amaze us!
You have a HUGE imagination. Beau & I are always thinking how did she come up with that?
If you see chips or some kind of junk food that you want you will say to us, "what's that?" Or if daddy is eating something & you want it you will say "daddy what are you eating." Or say to mommy, "mommy, what's daddy eating?"
Piper will say "mommy are you happy" or "mommy are you upset?" So sweet.
Sometimes you softly put your sweet hand on our face or will randomly kiss us. We love your sweet little lips & your kisses are the best.
We tell you we love you & sometimes you will say "you do?" Then say "I love you too." It's so sweet.
We love your sweet voice, we love your soft, dark brown hair, your big blue eyes, your little round face, your bubble bottom, your long, chubby legs, your cute little belly, & your precious hands & feet.


  1. Such a sweet post Becky! She will love reading this when she's older!

    We love you too Piper! You are one smart little girl!

  2. Hud's popcorn bucket is as big as he is!! HA!

    Piper is so precious. I am glad Hud has a friend like her. They are sweet together!

  3. Shaina & Ashley, You two & your children are HUGE blessings to me & Piper! We love you all!