Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lowe Wedding

What a BEAUTIFUL wedding! I was in tears the whole time. Congrats to Grant & Rachel! The wedding was perfect! Rachel was absolutley beautiful! They are adorable!!!

Piper was sad b/c they were messing up Grant & Rachel's car.

Here is the best man & his little girl! Beau looked so handsome!
Before the wedding started we were standing outside. Beau reached in his pocket & realized there was a hole in the pocket. He looked down & he sees Rachel's ring. He kept it on his pinky after that.
Family pic.
Beau & Darren
Piper & I got a picture with the beautiful bride.
Darren & Stepheny
Matt, Rachel, & Ruby
Piper & Drew are too cute!
Shannon & me
Me & my girl
Mr. & Mrs. Grant Lowe!

I wish I would have gotten a picture of their car. It was pretty bad. Piper was sad. She said why are they doing that to Grant & Rachel's car?? She was pretty upset over it.
<3>Praying blessings over their marraige! So excited for them!

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