Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Within 10 years

(God willing) we are going as a family to one of these 3 places.....

Charleston, SC (15 hours 49 minutes-1003.34 miles)

New York City, NY (22 hours 12 minutes-1398.59 miles)

Seattle, WA (31 hours 45 minutes-2149.89 miles)

We both want to go to Seattle the most. I am thinking with 31 hours though we may be taking a plane. Not sure. We could just make a road trip out of it. :D

Where are some places you & your family want to go???
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  1. I hope to live in Seattle in 10 years. That is where I want to be so maybe you can come visit!! Seattle is great, I have been twice and wish I could live there now. I want to go to New York too!

  2. I love where I live, but I have wanted to visit Rome for years :)

  3. Thank you 2 for commenting!!!!

    Brittany, we can stay with you guys then & we won't have to worry about a hotel!! :)

  4. YES!!!!! Thanks for the comment Brit! I knew I could count on you!