Friday, May 7, 2010

little princess lately

Piper loves these 7 dwarfs. The last couple of days she has been calling me bashful ALL THE TIME! Everytime I would say something it's "okay bashful", "this is good bashful", "oh thank you bashful". She has such a big imagination! I really love it. She says she is sneezy, so I have been calling her sneezy. She likes that I play along with her. She said her daddy was dopey. I tried to convince her he was grumpy but we decided to go with sleepy:)

This little girl likes to sneak into our bed in the middle of the night. One night we found her on the couch. Sometimes in our bedroom floor. Daddy won't say anything & try & sneak her in the bed without me knowing. If I see her I send her back. I enjoy sleeping with her but I don't want it to become a habit. She always goes on daddy's side of the bed b/c she knows mom will put her back in bed..
She has her daddy's appetite. Seriously we can't get this girl full. Always hungry! She loves milk! When she gets up in the morning she wants to lay on the couch, watch cartoons, & drink her milk.
She loves to color & practice her writting. She is getting pretty good at writting. Her coloring is pretty good. She makes rainbows with everything. Anything she colors is multi-colored. She has been trying to make P's too. They look more like lollypops right now but it's a great effort! She loves singing. She sings different songs all the time. She's bossy but she really can be sweet at times. When her little heart gets broken her sad face is pittiful! :( Breaks my heart.
When Piper gets in one of her moods where she is unbearable & I want to pull my hair out I tell her we need to pray. It usually works. It is amazing it's like things just completely change. Yesterday she was in one of those moods & she cried & said "I need to pray." It is great!
~Sometimes when I am putting Piper to bed she puts her head on my shoulders & plays with my hair. I absolutley love it! Such a sweet moment!
~Yesterday Piper said "I don't like that pig sooie". I said no! She said "we like boomer sooners, but daddy don't like boomer sooners. He likes Pig sooie & that's nasty". -Mamma's girl!!
~God is teaching me alot with this little girl. I can see God working in our family so much. It is amazing. I am enjoying my time with Piper & just time with my family. I think having a family is one of the greatest gifts! So thankful I get to be with Piper. I will never forget these special times!
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  1. Piper looks SO pretty in that dress! Adorable!

  2. You have such a wonderful little girl and a wonderful husband! You are blessed. We miss you guys so much, and hope to get to see you soon.