Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Don't make me count to three"...

By Ginger Plowman is a great book. It talks about working on the heart of your children. It made me realize that I shouln't count to 3 to get Piper to listen to me. I should expect her to listen as soon as I say it. I try so hard to be a great parent for Piper. I pray & I try to raise her the way God wants me too. I want her to be well-behaved & respectful.
Ginger Plowman says:
"Our ultimate goal in everything should be to point our children to Christ".

She talks about if we fail to require obedience towards their parents we become a stumbling block for them.

She also says that when you descipline your children you need to walk them through what is right.

We have had such a hard time with Piper. I know part of it is her age & part of it is her personality. She sometimes makes things harder than what it really is. Me & Beau always say her life could be so much easier if she would let it. I think I am having a hard time with Piper: 1 b/c she is so much like me. 2 b/c I think God is teaching me things through her. I know that everything is going to work out & all this hard work will be worth it.
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  1. Becky, You are a WONDERFUL mother!! I will have to read this book! I think Cary Plunkett read this book too!