Thursday, May 13, 2010

daddy-daughter date night

Tonight Beau & Piper started back their daddy daughter date night. They were both SO exicted! They just went to target tonight to get icee's. They looked at different toys & had lots of fun. Piper told me all about the toys she played with & her yummy icee! They were sitting by a couple that kept talking about how smart & well mannered Piper was (thank God she was good).
Thank you Lord for these two HUGE blessings! You have made my life so wonderful! These two give me so much joy! God you are amazing!
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  1. What a great dad! Some of my best memories of my Dad (now deceased) is of going to camp with him on Friday nights and hanging with "the guys" - Dad, Grandpa and my dads Uncle Bernie. Mom would come up Saturday.

    Tell Beau that he is making memories that will last a lifetime.

    I'm so proud of him, I'm going to be your next follower....

    Have a great weekend!

  2. What a great tradition to start! Piper will be so thankful for it in years to come!

  3. that is just precious!!! can't wait to have dates with my boys!!! we used to do this with my dad - so special to spend the whole evening with your daddy!!