Saturday, April 10, 2010

We got Piper a new swing set!!

This is the one we got. We got it from Toys' r us. It won't be here until friday or maybe later though. We are excited!

We went to Chic f'la lastnight & Piper was playing on the playset. A little boy came down the slide after her. She was squatted down on her feet & the boy shoved her off the slide. She went face first on the ground. His grandma tried helping her up & Piper was furious & screamed loud! I thought she was going to attack that boy. I told her that grandma was just trying to help her. She was very sweet. She talked to her grandson & was very firm with him. You don't see that much.

When we were in Toys r'us Piper saw a Hello Kitty chair. She rubbed it & said "Oh that is so adorable". She says sweet things like that all the time!

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