Saturday, April 17, 2010

Piper likes to dress up. She has a swimsuit top on her bottom. Shoes on the wrong feet. Too funny! This was taken a few weeks ago.
I really didn't send her to the corner this time. She was just being funny.
This last week we woke up with Piper at my feet. That happens occasionally. I asked Beau to put her back in her bed since he was getting up to get ready for work. Piper says "no there's a snake in my bed." I said "no honey there is not a snake in your bed." So she tells us I pee'd in the bed. Beau went to change her bedding to find that she did not pee in the bed. I guess she just wanted to be with us. It was sweet.
I am still praying for the attitude to get better.
Tonight after Piper potty'd she tried wiping herself. She used about a whole roll of tiolet paper but we were proud.
Thank you Lord for Piper. An absolute joy to me & her daddy. What was it like before her? I can't even remember. The Lord truely blessed us with this little girl.

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