Thursday, April 22, 2010

Passengers recount wild cruise that injured 60

By Chris Paschenko
The Daily News
Published April 22, 2010

GALVESTON — An emergency maneuver by the Carnival cruise ship Ecstasy to avoid an adrift buoy injured at least 60 people as passengers and equipment were sent flying when the ship listed for about a minute, passengers told The Daily News on Thursday.

The 12:55 p.m. Wednesday incident injured passenger Coque Trevino of Lubbock, she said. She said she saw about 500 people needed varying types of medical care for bruises and lacerations from broken glass.

The cruise staff gave Trevino a wrap and brace for her left arm, which she said was injured when she fell. Only 60 guests were treated for minor injuries at the ships infirmary, a statement from Carnival said.

The incident happened as the ship returned from Mexico to its home port of Galveston with 2340 passengers and 900 crew. None of the passengers disembarking Thursday needed emergency transport to the hospital, a Carnival spokeswoman said.

Ecstasy encountered the buoy and the emergency maneuver caused it to list, Dr. Neel Shah of Sugar Land said.

Shah was having lunch with his family in the dinning quarters when the incident happened.

“The boat actually tilted about 35 to 40 degrees so we could actually see water rising up to the windows of the eighth floor,” Shah said. “As soon as the boat tilted, everyone started screaming, there was glass flying everywhere, people fell on the floor.”

A statement from Carnival said the Ecstasy listed 12 degrees to the starboard side. Carnival gave guests, however, letters on Wednesday stating the boat listed briefly to the port side.

Shah ran to his family to make sure everyone was OK.

“People were giving instructions in all the panic and chaos,” Shaw said. “But it was one of those experiences we’ll never forget, and I feel like the cruise ship handled it very beautifully.

“We were impressed with their ability to calm everyone down, to bring things back to an organizational level.”

~Yeah this was the same Cruise ship we were on. I have just been thinking about all the workers we met & how I don't know what I would have done had that happened when we were on there. Thankful everyone is alive though.
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  1. That is scary! Let's hope PJ doesn't see that or he will never get on our ship in July!

  2. Yeah I don't know about another one. Too many stories. I am sure I will though :)