Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Beau is turning 30!

Tuesday (April 27th) Beau will turn 30. Tonight we threw him a suprise birthday party. There was alot of work & alot of love put into it. (PICTURE OVERLOAD........SERIOUSLY!)

I did a football theme b/c that is what he likes.
His cake that Monica made & I love this picture of Beau when he was little.
People waiting to suprise him.

Still waiting.
C, D, & P :)
He was confused at first. He was like "what for me". He didn't know what was going on.
He thought Tony & Gina were just having people at their house for a cookout.
He didn't know how well thought out & planned it was.
Happy 30th Birthday Beau Ames! I love you so much!
We planned this for about 3 weeks. & he had no clue! I am so happy!
I wanted it to be special. I think it was.
Shannon, Mandy, & Kale.
Dean, Amanda, Drew, & baby Mackenzie.
Cora & Cassen
Cully & Lawson

Beau was so happy!
Love Rhonda!
lil Princess
Tony workin hard on the grill. He did a great job keeping Beau out today.
Jason & Cully throwin the football.
Rod & Beau
He was very thankful!
Linnea & Piper
Playin outside
Time to eat!
Cora & sweet baby Mackenzie
Terral & Beau
Sweet Hudson :) He was hungry.
Sweet Jasper :)
Dusty, Cora, & Mackenzie :) New parents
Sweet girls! Rhonda & Shaina
Singin Happy Birthday!
Wonderful Hogeland's!
Cora, Mackenzie, Shannon, & Kale

Outside again.
Fern & Lauren :)
Tony & Gina were so wonderful for letting us have it at their house. They helped so much!
Piper, Drew, & Cameron

Thank you thank you Tony & Gina!
Piper loves her some Gina!
Beau says he really was suprised & he really didn't have a clue.
Thank you to everyone who made this day so special! It really is a big day & it meant so much to my sweet husband!! Thank you!
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  1. Thank you for inviting us. We were so glad we could come. It was a great time.