Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I've been down this road before..

We got back from our cruise on Mar. 25th. On the 26th we were thinking we may be pregnant again. We weren't trying yet. We were in Antlers so waited until Monday night to take a test. Took 2 & they both said positive. We didn't get to excited yet b/c after what we had recently went through we thought it didn't mean anything yet. A few days went by & we got more excited. On thurs night April 1st I started cramping & spotting. I had called the dr. that night & talked to a nurse. She told me to just lay on my left side & don't do anything the rest of the night. It got worse through out the night. By the morning I knew there could be no way of still being pregnant. We went to the dr. They did an ultrasound & couldn't find anything. I took a pregnancy test & it was negative. They did blood work. Dr. Laws thought I could have just had a late period & that I could have had a false positive pregnancy test. I held on to that hope. We went camping with my family that wknd & had a good time. It kept our mind off of things. Lastnight while we were laying in bed I asked Beau what he thought was going on. He said I don't know what do you feel like. I told him I thought it was a miscarraige. I don't have late periods ever & it just seemed strange that 2 test would say positive. Went back this morning & my blood levels were at 11. That meant I did have a miscarraige. He said that the levels would have to be at 50 to even show up pregnant on a pregnancy test. Dr. Laws said I had what is called a chemical pregnancy. I go back on monday for more blood work. If it is going down then everything should be fine.

I am really ready to have another baby. I know God has great plans for me so I shouldn't get upset. Everything just was so perfect with Piper I didn't ever dream of going through this. Praying for a sticky baby soon! But for now I guess we have to wait a bit. I do know that if we are never able to have another baby. We have a perfect little girl who amazes us everyday. We wouldn't change one thing about her & are amazed at how perfect of a child God gave us!


  1. I am so sorry that you are having to walk this road. I am always amazed at your attitude. Even in the hard times, you show Christ in all you do! Praying for a sticky baby soon!! :)

  2. Praying for you Beck!! Love you!! You are so strong and such an example to so many people!!

  3. aaww, your girls are to sweet & very encouraging!! Love you both!