Monday, April 5, 2010


Every year my family goes camping for Easter. I know, crazy hu? Probably the best day to be in church & we go camping... Don't worry tho. I do stress the importance to Piper about what Easter is really about. If you ask her what it's really about, she will tell you....Jesus. The other day we were in the car & Piper tells us that they were mean to Jesus, He died on the cross, & He went to heaven. I know she is getting that part. Hopefully by next year she will know He did it for us & that JESUS LIVES!!!
tea party in the dirt :)
Piper did not like getting dirty! She would want us to wipe her off everytime she did. As you can tell in the above picture she was not sitting on her bottom. She did finally loosen up....a little.

Hangin out in the camper. Piper was so worn out! She fell asleep shortly after this. On daddy, just like this :)
My little sister Sarah coloring eggs.

Piper LOVED coloring eggs!
My nephew :) MW!
Daddy helping Piper
Michael & Piper
My precious girl! She looked so cute!

She loved hunting eggs! She didn't like the tall grass though.

Piper found 14 eggs this year. She even counted them for us.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! We sure did. The weather was great camping!
Piper really loved camping. She LOVED sleeping in the tent. I can't explain how excited she was. She was ready for bed so she could sleep in the tent. We had to calm her down once we laid down. She got to eat roasted marshmellows, sit by the campfire, & throw rocks in the water.
Beau loved fishing. He went in the boat with my uncle Danny then went with my uncle's Danny & Windale. He caught quite a bit of bass. Lots of fun!

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