Monday, April 26, 2010

6:4 Him

We went to Talihina yesterday evening & watched my dad & little sister's sing. It was great. They sing for the Lord. They did great. God gets all the glory.

"but we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word." Acts 6:4

This first picture is funny b/c the preacher took the picture & Piper says "but I didn't say cheese". He said "o we will take it again." I said Piper say cheese this time. Then she says "I didn't say cheese again." So he took it again & she says "I said it that time". It was quite funny!
All of us.
My dad's 6 kids. youngest to oldest. :)
Sarah, Jamie, Britney, Shalena, Hank, me.
Sarah & Jamie
Shalena & Britney
Dad singing for the Lord.

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  1. Awww...great pictures! Y'all have a beautiful family and were all a blessing. :)

    God Bless

  2. Good stuff Beck, thanks!

  3. Great pics!!! I love them!!!