Friday, March 26, 2010

Random cruise pics....

In this picture we just left Galveston. It was yucky! It was raining. Beau & I sat in the Panorama bar & grill drinking coffee & eating icecream as we just watched the ocean. It was very rocky. I got a little dizzy & sick feeling. It got better for me though. I was so sad this day b/c I thought it would be like this the whole trip. Thankfully it wasn't :)
In between the Ecstacy & the Triumph. HUGE!
Beau & I in front of our boat.

In the front of the boat.
From the top of the Atrium.
The ice sculpture was neat.
Towel animals!! This was fun!!!!

The Ames' & the Brinkley's
Me & Aimee, I love her!!
Beau eating his sushi.
Playing some mini golf on top of the boat.

All of us. I have to brag. Beau & I were the reigning champs! YEAH!

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