Friday, March 26, 2010

Progresso, Mexico

Our first stop off the cruise was to Progresso. I have to admit, it was not pretty at all. It was so windy that day & the area is ugly.
This was pretty neat. I thought it was just a statue but it was a real man.
Some homes in Progresso look like this.
They put these sticks in the water to reduce salt.
A police station. Ha, it was right beside a bar. Too funny!
The Progresso Beach Resort. It was pretty but the weather wasn't that great so it made it not so fun..

Jared, Cassen, Beau, me, Aimee, & Tim.
Beau & I enjoyed just being at the beach even if it wasn't that pretty.
gettin a little sun
Jared & Beau, aren't they cool.
Beau playin in the water.

Just happy to be at the ocean!

The jellyfish were pretty bad. This is one that washed up on the shore. One little girl got stung. You could see them all along the shoreline. No swimming for us!

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  1. Fun! Bring on the pictures!! I love looking at all of them. I hope you all had a great time!!