Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Piper is 2 & 1/2

Last Saturday my little girl turned exactly 2 1/2. I just can't believe it. She is amazing! Here are some pictures of her at mimi's this last wknd. She was making funny faces.

Mad face

hhmmm, rolling her eyes
She helped mimi make homeade biscuits. She loves helping.

  • Piper weighs about 30 lbs
  • she can count to 20
  • she is a perfectionist. It drives us crazy. We can't do anything right!
  • she scoots her chair up to whatever she needs & helps herself. She sneaks food & things like that.
  • 3-7-10 Piper had her 7 dworfs. She said she was sneezy, mommy was bashful, & daddy was grumpy. HILARIOUS!
  • Yesterday morning she told Dean & Cooper "ya'll are so smart." It was sweet!
  • she loves to sing & dance! She randomly breaks out in a song & dances.
  • she likes to say she is certain people on certain shows. Like Piper is Dora & mommy is boots & mimi is Isa. She will go through the whole list & name them.
  • she always asks what peoples eye color is & their favorite colors. She usually remembers them too.
  • loves La Fiesta & McDonalds.
  • Today I told her thank you & she said "de nada" (that is your welcome in spanish)
  • We were watching Finding Nemo today & I couldn't believe how she had so many lines memorized. (yep too much t.v.)
  • she's a big helper! She thinks she is such a big girl.
  • We pray with her everynight. It is a special moment. I also try & read to her everynight b/c she loves it so much. I cherish that moment with her.
  • Piper will love on me & it's so sweet. She will rub my face or pat my back & it just melts my heart!

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