Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My wedding ring.....bows....little helper

Piper is such a big helper! She likes to help with everything & she likes to do everything herself.

Vacuming for mommy.
Today I learned to make loopy bows! So exciting!

I made this one too. I think I am getting a little better.
Piper thought she would help.....Drag ribbon all over the place. She was also trying to jump rope with it.
On my birthday (feb. 22) Piper put my ring through the little whole in the sink. I didn't see her do it. I was looking for it. I knew where I put it & it wasn't there. I was telling Beau I can't find my ring. Piper says "I will find it for you". I said okay, where is it? She said I put it in the sink in the hole. We unscrewed the bottom of the sink that catches things if you drop it down & if the ring was in there it was stuck in the flat part of where the hole connects to the drain. I know confusing. Well, finally Saturday night I decide to try again to get it after not using our sink for 5 days. I finally figured out how to undo it all & got it out. If Piper hadn't told us where she had put it we would have never known what happened!

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