Thursday, March 18, 2010

Family time

We have had a fun few days. Piper & Michael have really been enjoying eachother. I love this picture! You can tell how close they are & how much they love eachother!
Me & mom walked in the bedroom to see this! I LOVE it!
We have been playing CRANIUM the last few nights. Kayla, my sister came in with my mom & it has been nice. It has been a while since we have gotten to hang out with her.

We ate at La Fiesta & Piper & Michael Wayne decided to start howling like a wolf. They got pretty loud & we couldn't quiet them down. Everyone was laughing & looking at us. It was quite funny!!

Well, we are off to Galveston in the morning. I am sure I will have lots of pics. Saturday we cruise off to Mexico. Please pray. I am a little nervous about the boat, & being away from Piper, & silly things like that. Like not have cell phone service just incase anything happens. We are very excited though!!! I am very happy to get to spend some quality time with my wonderful husband.