Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Danny Burton

Just had to post a couple pictures of a wonderful memory. My wedding day. Our officiant Danny Burton. Danny went to be with the Lord today. I wouldn't even know where to start if I were to explain how wonderful of a man he was. They let me stay in there home when I didn't have anywhere else to go & I didn't want to go back to Oklahoma b/c of Beau. They welcomed me with open arms. He was such a big influence on Beau's life. Beau looked up to him like no other. Beau loved him so much! This man will truely be missed! He had a big impact on so many peoples lives. I can't even explain it. What a true leader! My prayers go out to his family. Especially dear Judy his wonderful wife. Thank you Lord for Danny Burton.

I love this picture b/c I bet Danny said something funny about Beau & was smiling at me. He loved Beau & he loved to give Beau a heard time. He would call him Beau Beau.
Another great picture!

Danny had such a sweet heart & he cared about people. He would give to anyone. He did it for the Lord. What a great testimony his family has been through this hard time too. WOW!

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