Sunday, February 21, 2010

Texas-aunt Becky's funeral

Got back from Texas lastnight. I am so thankful I went to that funeral. It was so great seeing everyone. Even though I don't get to see that family very much it's like we never missed a beat. I love them so much! It was sad not seeing my sweet aunt Becky. I cought myself at times looking for her. It just didn't seem right. Hank & I stayed the night with my cousin Amberly & her husband Bobby. It is sad thinking about my uncle Mike, cousins Tonya, David, & Amberly, their kids Houston, Garrett, Cesily, Delayney, & Shane. I hate what they are going through. I know how it hurts my heart missing aunt Becky I can't imagine what they are going through. I don't know how many times they hugged & squeezed me. It was heartbreaking seeing them so upset. I am praying for them all the time. I love my great uncle Mike. What a sweetheart he is & my aunt Becky was a very special person. Her grandkids had her a dr. pepper wreath made at the funeral. Everyone knows how aunt Becky loved her dr. pepper & if she had one left you didn't take it. If you did you never did it again. Just like Tonya said at the funeral. If aunt Becky loved you, she LOVED you.

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