Monday, February 15, 2010

I have to say that since my great aunt Becky passed away I have just been thinking about how God has this big plan for us & how short this life really is. I miss her so much. I haven't gotten to see her that much lately b/c she lives in Texas. She was wonderful! Only 56. I just think about how she came to mine & my brothers high school graduations & my wedding. It hurts that I will not get to see her again in this world. She will be greatly missed! It's times like these when you know who your real friends are. Not the ones that want you to just be there for them but the ones that will be there for you too..... Anyway, I am still blessed. Sad too. I miss my beautiful aunt.
* We had a great wknd to ourselves. Piper was at mimi's. We watched Valentines Day. Good movie. We were very suprised b/c we didn't think it would be good at all. It was actually pretty funny. We also went & watched The Blindside. It was GREAT!!
I got a new (big) crockpot for Valentines Day, some chocolate, & a flower. Beau got the movie Couples Retreat, chocolates, & a coffee mug. He has been wanting one. Although I ended up with it b/c he thought it was girly. :) We got Piper a couple of shirts & some candy.
* Piper had lots of fun at mimi's. Of course. Michael Wayne was there so you know she loved that too. Tonight Piper was so sleepy! She was sitting on the potty & brushing her teeth. Beau asked if she was done. She said very dramatically & upset " no, I am trying to do a good job." So cute. We enjoyed our alone time but so glad to have our girl back!
*Thank you to uncle PJ & Brittney for the sweet Valentines Day dog & card! Piper was very excited! She loved it!!
This picture is at my wedding (obviously). My beautiful aunt Becky is the one to the far right.

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