Monday, February 1, 2010


We had Chicken Lasagna for dinner tonight. Piper ate her garlic bread & green beans. When she got to the lasagna she said mommy this is yucky, can I have more bread. Beau & I told her she had to eat her lasagna before she got more bread. She said "Ugh! That's gross!" She sounded like a teenager girl. Beau & I tried not to laugh. O is she going to have a mouth on her when she gets older. Beau & I just know she is going to have an attitude.

Sorry, I refuse to make her something special b/c she didn't like what we were having. I want her to be thankful for what the Lord gave us. :)

Another funny thing tonight: Piper asked me as she was cleaning up "mommy where's my Dora bag?" I said I think it is put up. She said "duh". I was thinking did she say what I thought she said & I asked her what she said. She said "duh." Beau & me looked at eachother & started laughing. I had to call my mom & tell her. She got that from my mom.

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