Friday, January 15, 2010

We had to pick Piper up from the nursery wed night. She was crying & wouldn't quit. She has never done that. We have missed 4 weeks of church b/c of everything that thas been going on so I wondered if that was it... Mrs Tonia, Mrs. Dana, & Miss Rachel tried to get her mind on other things but it didn't work. O' well. We will try it again....
This girl has a big imagination.....She is always pretending. She likes to put a blanket down on the floor & act like it is a boat.
She also likes to pretend she is people on shows.
She remembers everything!

When we ask Piper something & she says yes we tell her to say "yes please". Yesterday while cooking dinner she came to tell me her nose was running. I told her hold on let me wash my hands. She said "are you washing your hands? Say yes please". Hilarious!

When Piper gets impatient b/c she can't do something she throws a fit. We say Piper do you need help. She says yes so we tell her, "okay all you had to do was ask for help." Beau was talking to her yesterday. He asker her a question, can't remember what it was. She said to him "If you need help just say help please". :)
Piper likes to say everyone is her bestfriend. "daddy you're my best friend". "mommy you're my best friend". "Dora is my bestfriend". so sweet:)

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