Monday, January 18, 2010

Funny story/dr. appt.

My mom, brother, & nephew came up for the wknd...It was great!!

Lastnight Piper & Michael Wayne were on my bed watching cartoons. Michael comes to me & says "aunt Becky, Piper peed on your bed". So I went to Piper & asked her what this wet spot was on my bed. She looked at my nephew like she knew he told on her & was pretty mad. You could see it. I said "did you pee on my bed?" She said no. Michael said "Piper you don't pee on aunt Becky's bed". She looked at him & screamed "I didn't pee I spill it". I said you spilled what? She said her juice. I realized she wasn't wet & told Michael it was okay, she didn't pee. A few minutes later she went in the room where my mom was. She said "Mimi, I'm mad!''. My mom asked her why she was mad. She said "Michael Wayne said I peed & I spilled it". Mom told MW to tell Piper sorry. He did then she says "i'm happy now." HILARIOUS!!!


I went back to the dr. today. They did blood work & I will find out tomorrow if my levels are back to normal. Beau & I really love my dr. He is WONDERFUL! He really makes us feel comfortable & he is definatley good at what he does. He said we could start trying again after a month but we think we are going to wait a while.... Praying for good blood levels so I don't have to keep going back!!!

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