Tuesday, January 12, 2010


First of all, I would like to say happy birthday to sweet Brittany!!! Hope you've had a great day & we hope to see you & PJ soon!!!!
Here is little miss Daisy Faye. She is my cousin Tessa's little girl. She was having her at the hospital when I had my miscarriage. She is absolutley beautiful!!! 18 in. 7lbs 12oz

Ah, I've just got to say that I have learned alot through this miscarraige. I hate bringing it up but God had me go through it for a reason. Here are some things I have learned:
~Don't try to make your own plans that aren't God's plans. Obviously I was supposed to get pregnant but he had something in mind.
~ He is teaching me patience through this.
~I've learned that he has great plans for me & Beau. I am excited about that.
~I believe that God is trying to bring me & Beau closer together & have that oneness that married people have. Don't get me wrong. My husband is my best friend but I think God wants us to be closer.
~I also believe this has definatley been a growing process for us. Growing in the Lord that is.

God has a time for us to have another baby. I truely believe we will have one one day. You can bet that we are praying more for the timing. God will let us know when & I will be so thankful. In the mean time I am going to love my little girl more & squeeze her more.

There has been so many people there for us in this hard time. We have had phone calls, cards & letters. We feel so blessed. Tonia Hobbs! Thank you for the note! Lisa Dean (Ashley Hogeland's mom) even sent me a card. That meant alot!

Jason & Jana Green had us over last week to talk about it. Alot of people told me to talk to someone who has been through it & it helped alot. So thankful for them!!! One disappointment is that I was going to be pregnant with a good friend. We were only 5 days apart. :( But I am extremely happy for them & I prayed for them to get pregnant. God is SO SO GOOD. I can't quit saying that.

I have to say that I am extremley thankful for the hard times that my family has been through lately. God has truely shown how great, big, & mighty He is though it all. The all loving, all knowing God. Thank you JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!

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