Saturday, January 30, 2010

6 inches of snow!!!!!!!

We got 6 inches of snow! We are thankful for it. It is just beautiful! Beau was out working in the sleet & cold cold weather so me & Piper made him a cake.

Not the prettiest cake but he liked it.
Piper looking at all the sleet
Sleet! Before the snow came.
We had to eat some of the chocolate icing.
I had the cake up on the table so Beau could see it when he got home. Piper was up & kept saying "i'm not gonna touch it". Then when I wasn't look she snuck some icing. I told her no so she started pouting.
Beau got home & Piper immediatley said "daddy look at your cake". I said no Piper let's suprise him. I wasn't getting on to her but she thought I was. HA

Piper throwing a snowball at me.
She absolutley loves the snow. The smile on her face makes me really happy.
Beau playing in the snow.
Piper getting Beau with a snowball.
Still snowing that night.
Last winter we got no snow (just ice) This is our 2nd snow this winter. :)
Our back yard this morning.
I love this picture of the trees.
Our family! Loving the snow. :)
Beau starting the snowman.
More snowballs.

In honor of watching UP lastnight we named our snowman Kevin (after the bird)
Kevin is a girl :)
Becky, Piper, & Kevin
Kevin, Beau, & Piper
Going back inside.
This is how far it snowed up the UPWARD sign.
We don't get weather like this very often so we are so thankful that we got to go out & enjoy it. & we got to stay home & enjoy some quality time as a family. Eating hot soup all day, popcorn, chocolate cake, watching movies & just relaxing. I am thankful for my husband who is the man he is & Piper who God gave to me. They are both truely a gift from God & I thank Him everyday. Thank you Lord for the snow!

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  1. Ya'll did a great job on Kevin!! I LOVE the pic of Piper smiling in the snow-such JOY!! :)