Sunday, January 31, 2010

3 M's & church

I am in this 3 month long group that our preacher's wife Rae Deal does for 3 moms. It is 3 books (manuels), 3 moms, & 3 months. Right now we are reading a book called "spiritual disciplines for the christian life" by Donald S. Whitney. I have really learned a lot from this book. This book has really been a help for me in discipline. It is teaching me that if I want to get better at something I have to discipline myself. My quiet time has gotten better since reading this & it is because of discipline. I am praying my time with God is even better. There is a quote I got from this book that really hit me. "The child of God works not for life, but from life; he does not work to be saved, he works b/c he is saved." This quote really made me think about how I need to have joy in everything I do b/c of what God has done for me. It's something that no one else could ever do for me or I could never do for anyone else.

Wow what can I even say about church today?? One man prayed that we thought it was a coincidence that the snow & sleet happened but it was all God. We got to come together as a church family & pray together. All 4 services were combined into one & it was fantastic. The worship was great, the preaching was great & it was all GOD! I want to thank God so much for our church. I don't like to call myself baptist. I am a christian. I love my church. I love the nursery where Piper goes & gets taken care of by people who love her & I love our lifegroup! I can't tell you how much I have learned from our lifegroup & what great leaders the Cavallo's are. We spoke on prayer at church today & how we need to come together as a church & pray for people like Michael McCutcheon & Danny Burton. We need to thank God for our salvation & what he's done for us.

~Be still & know that I am God.~ Psa 46:10

A call to prayer

A~ Adoration
C~ Confession
T~ Thanksgiving
S~ Supplication

*Praise God, Confess to God, Thank God, & Lift People up to God.

*You can have peace with God through Jesus (Phill. 4:7)


  1. That is a good message Becky. I think I need to read that book too!

  2. So glad to hear about your group! Sounds wonderful! Dicipline and training. . .